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Develop Your Fundraising & Grantwriting Skills

6 Session 3 hours each led by David Maeir- Epstein, MSSA

The course is scheduled to start in Jerusalem, and pending registration also in Naharia and Tel Aviv

Learn the art of grantwriting and fundraising for non-profit organizations in a 6-session, 18-hour combined grantwriting and fundraising course with David Maeir Epstein, MSSA resource development consultant for non-profit organizations. David has worked in the field of fundraising and grantwriting for over thirty years and has served as an independent organizational consultant for tens of nonprofit organizations in Israel. In the last decade, David has assisted clients in raising over $19 million. David has also taught Resource Development for Welfare Organizations at Hebrew University's Baerwald School of Social Work.

Graduates are provided with information about openings in the field of fundraising and grantwriting in Israel. Many graduates have subsequently entered the field or advanced their position. Graduates have uniformly indicated that they gained much practical and helpful experiential information and a fair number have gained employment or enhanced their career in part due to the course.


Course Description: The course consists of six meetings of three hours. Each meeting will be divided into a grantwriting part and a fundraising part. The grantwriting aspect of the course will focus on teaching how to write grant proposals, identifying and working with foundations.  Each session deals with a different aspect of grantwriting through lectures and hands-on grantwriting workshops. Participants will be assisted with the writing of different parts of a grant proposal, and homework from each session will be reviewed in the following class. Participants will produce a grant proposal as a result of the course.


The fundraising part of the course will section will teach the theoretical and practical tools necessary to enhance your knowledge of the field via lectures, discussion and experiential simulation workshops on personal solicitation, planning fundraising events, corporate sponsorships, internet web site and email fundraising. The final session will include guidance on how to gain employment or professional advancement in the field.



The course is conducted in English, with a Hebrew translation of terms for key words. Hebrew speakers who understand English but prefer to communicate in Hebrew are welcome to participate. Upon finishing the course, graduates receive diplomas certifying their participation in the course.


THE FALL SESSION OF THE COURSE IS SCHEDULED TO START AFTER THE CHAGIM. As a courtesy to the first few people who register the date and time of day in which the course will take place will be decided based on their availability. Those who register early will also receive a 50NIS early bird discount.


The cost of the course varies based on the location of the course, and is 1,500 plus VAT (1,740 including VAT) for Jerusalem and 1,700 plus VAT (1,972 including VAT) in Naharia. There are various discounts for early registrants as well as to graduates of the PresenTense Institute, Nefesh B'Nefesh, AACI, SAZF, the Yokneam Forum of Technical Writers (Elephant), UJIA, and the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies.


To sign up or to receive more information, please contact Raquel at 02-563-6629 or email at


In order to sign up fill out the form below and send it with your payment made out to David Epstein to: David Maeir Epstein, 43 A Emek Refaim, Jerusalem 93141.


For information about David Maeir-Epstein, Resource Development Consultants to Nonprofit Organizations see


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Course Syllabus:

Meeting 1:

  • Overview of fundraising and grantwriting in Israel
  • The ideal grant proposal: lecture and review of proposal elements
  • Proposal and organization budgets

Meeting 2:

  • Foundation research: virtual and actual sources for finding foundations appropriate for your project
  • Foundation follow up procedures and maintaining relationships: Do's and Don'ts
  • Critique and analysis of grantwriting proposal

Meeting 3:

  • Introduction to Personal Solicitation
  • Personal Solicitation – Identifying potential contributors
  • Solicitation research; Preparations before solicitation, Who should be the solicitors?
  • Making the appointment, A “road map” of the solicitation session
  • How to respond to common contributor reactions; How to close the gift; What next?
  1. Homework: Complete prospect background sheet on someone you'd like to solicit for a contribution.


Meeting 4:

  • Fundraising events- introduction
  • Experiential Simulation Workshop on Personal Solicitation – Role-Playing and Analysis
  1. Homework: work plan for a future event.


Meeting 5:

  • Planning Successful Fundraising Events
  • Appropriate types of events for different types of organizations
  • Organizational criteria for embarking on a fundraising event
  • Use of volunteers
  • How to ensure that your event is not only “successful” but also profitable
  • Work plan and check list
  • Budgeting the event – projected costs and income
  • Critique and analysis of grantwriting proposals
  1. Homework: Revise the event plan in light of lessons learned.

Meeting 6:  

  1. Internet Fundraising
  • Critical Resource Development Elements of a Web Site
  • Review and Analyses of Examples of Successful Sites
  • Sources of funding on the Web:


  1. Corporate Fundraising
  • How to identify and locate potential corporate givers
  • Composing a business proposition for nonprofit partnership
  • Involvement of corporate volunteers
  • In kind corporate giving
  • Cause Related Marketing
  • Tax Issues


  1. Job opportunities in the field of grantwriting and fundraising in Israel. Career vs. freelance, How to find a grantwriting position, issues of compensation- freelance vs. salaried employment vs. by the hour


  1. Course evaluation and feedback, and review of other grant and foundation issues
  2. Distribution of graduation certificates




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