Course Pricing


Course Costs and Discounts

 Fall 2017:


The course will take place on alternate weeks in Tel Aviv from December 2017. A parallel course in English is taking place in Baka, Jerusalem, and it's not too late to join the course. Participants may speak and write in either English or Hebrew regardless of the language of instruction.

The Association of Romanian Jewry in Israel


The cost of the course is 1,800 plus VAT. 


To register for the Hebrew course click here

To register for the English course click here


 Refund Policy

This course is usually offered twice a year. Missed sessions that have been paid for, can be made up in a future offering of the course


Participation Cancelled Course Refund

Up to 2 weeks before the course begins

100% paid back

Less than 2 weeks before the course begins

95% paid back

After 1st session

50% paid back

After 2nd session

25% paid back

After 3rd session

No refund





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