David Maeir-Epstein - Fundraising for Israeli Nonprofits

is the CEO of David Maeir-Epstein -  Resource Development Consultants for Nonprofits in Israel. He also serves as the Israel representative of the Shirley and William R. Fleischer Family Foundation, Inc. David has a distinguished record of service in executive positions in planning, leadership development and fundraising in the Jewish Federations in Boston, St. Louis, and Louisville, Ky. He served as Israel Desk Director at the Joint Distribution Committee's Headquarters in New York and as the Israeli community representative of the Jewish Federations of Baltimore, Los Angeles, Houston, and Central New Jersey for Project Renewal.


In addition, under the auspices of the umbrella organization for Israel's NGO's, David planned the foundation of the Israeli Federated United Way (Matan). He also served as the Founder and Executive Director of the Jerusalem Center for Community Leadership Development and the Director of Leadership and Resource Development for the Jerusalem Association of Community Centers and Neighborhood Administrations.


In June, David participated in the founding meeting of the Israel Association of Professional Fundraisers (IAPF). David is one of the founders and co-chair of the committee shaping the objectives and work plan for the IAPF.

David has taught resource development at the Baerwald School of Social Work of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at sites throughout Israel, and has authored a book chapter on resource development in a textbook that is used by the community work tracks of social work schools in Israel. He can be reached at dave@israelgrants.com.


Danny Bobman


Danny was born in the United States, and raised in Kibbutz Dgania in Israel. Danny was the Training Manager for Intel as well as other High-Tech companies, and was a representative to the States both for the Government and for various private organizations. Danny also ran the Youth Division for the Regional Council of the Jordan Valley. Since 2006 Danny has been assisting Israeli business owners to realize their social vision and to find partners to invest in their philanthropic activities. He has served as the Resource Manager and Director of the International Relations Division for the Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat.  While working for the Jerusalem Municipality he has helped many public and community organizations in the area of welfare, culture and education, with guidance and fundraising. Danny has a ongoing relationship with philanthropists in Israel and abroad, including leaders of Jewish communities in the Diaspora. Danny is also very familiar with the business sector in Israel with a specific specialization in philanthropic involvement.

to contact Danny email dbobman@israelgrants.com


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