.Prices include VAT. Please note: the fees below apply as of Jan. 1, 2016   


Amount of Retainer (in NIS, before VAT) per month 

Minimum Number of Months

What We’ll Do

Guidance and Mentoring Service -   This is assuming that the organization has a designated person to do the grant writing, under the supervision of the consultants. 



  • Detailed and tailored foundation grant service and other fundraising services (including Board Members, grants given, amounts given, contact information, giving parameters and more) as well as reviewing and correcting written materials. The list includes Israeli Government sources
  • Pre-submission consultation
  • Weekly consultation by phone or a meeting
  • Checking  submissions

Basic Service Package Plus  



All of the above plus

  • Writing LOI,completing application forms and writing  full proposals as        required.  – there will be  least 25 submissions, including to Israeli Government sources
  • Setting up visits by foundations rep. and acompanying them.  
  • Using our personal contacts with  foundations
  • Assisting in writing yearly and bi-yearly performance reports to the foundations.  

Premium Package "8,200" - All Included 


12 (retainer of less than 12 months will provide less than full foundation service)

All of the above, plus:

  • Parlor meetings and individual donors' solicitation 
  • Turning the organization website into a fundraising tool, internet marketing and marketing consultation
  • Organizing marketing         mailing lists    
  • Approaching Israeli corporations,
  • Helping to organize fundraising events
  • Subscription to our newsletter and our monthly Monitor service.

Foundation Search

4,500 - one time payment

For a foundation search for a single project or topic. Every additional search is 500 NIS

Work will be completed within two weeks.

  • Detailed and tailored foundation search which includes Board Members, grants given, amounts given, contact information, giving parameters and more 
  • Three month's subscription for our Monitor service.
Online Crowdsourcing Please Contact Us

Tailored services 

Per services needed (at 450 NIS an hour)  

 Per services needed

Per services needed

Representation abroad (as one of several clients)

4,000 One time payment 

Set up meetings 3 months in advance with potential donors and foundations

Representation Abroad (as one of several clients, plus setting up personal  meetings for the client)

4,000  plus:

Travel costs to individual meetings and hours invested including travel time, at 450 NIS an hour  

Representation abroad of a single client or accompanying clients abroad

Costs will include: plane ticket, hotels, internal flights and agreed upon number of work hours.

Cancelation policy – a month in advance A contract can be canceled at anytime with a month's notice. The client will be charged for the hours invested by the consultants up to the time of the written notice, at the rate of 450 NIS plus VAT. 
OTHER SERVICES Hourly rate is 450 NIS (before VAT) 


What we'll do

Fundraising Professional Job Placement
selective advertising of position, review of resumes and writing samples from our database and applicants. Initial phone interview and calls to check references, selection of top 2 - 6 relevant applicants for client to interview.

Flat rate of 6,000 NIS plus VAT

Selection of relevant CVs from our database.

Candidate Selection
Participation in interviews, advice regarding selection, and involvement in recruitment negotiations

Flat rate of 2,500 NIS plus VAT

If interviews are outside Jerusalem, there will be an additional travel fee.


Transition Supervision and Assessment
Guidance and professional assessment of new staff person for initial period of 3 - 5 months


4 - 6 hours per month

Monitor Service: Information About Upcoming Deadlines of Foundations

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Courses in Grantwriting and Fundraising

Contact us for more details


Distributor of and BigOnline -The biggest and most comprehensive online databases for giving and corporate giving in Israel

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Personal Consultation meeting  Contact us to set up Per hour



Searching for a fundraiser or a grant proposal writer?

Is your organization looking for the right person for your fundraising efforts? The IsraelGrants team will find you the perfect candidate. Please contact Ayelet .

You can get the training needed to be fundraiser or a professional grant writer

Our course will give you the tools you need to enter the field of fundraising and grant proposal writing. Click here for more details. The course is suitable both for beginners as well as for people in the field that need to expand their knowledge

Seeking Interns

We are seeking interns for part-time support work with flexible hours. The interns will have the unique opportunity to receive training in grant writing and fundraising, possibly leading to a full-time position with one of our clients in the future. Please contact Ayelet for details.